Thank You to Our Financial Angels

“This page is dedicated to honoring people and institutions that have made significant contributions (in all forms) to the success of the Barbara Sosman Center”

Pledges of Support

$100,000.00 | Paul Trommer

$80,000.00  | Anonymous

Contributors With Gratitude

​Angelo Ucci, M.D. PH.D. & Mary Ucci

Linda & Lawrence Grant
Barbara & John Miner
Alecia Sosman
Marcella Martelle
Irvine & Karen Marsters
Ann Purdy
Chuck & Pauline Civiello
Bruce's Tractors - Dave Cameron
Constance Haines
John & Robin Beckett
Mary Agnes Ucci

The Fitzpak North Corporation
Eileen & Brendan Turner
Lorraine Rhoads
Arlyn Eames Turner
Michael and Stacey Losco

Lisa Marie Cornell Pulaski

Mary and William Walsh

Edith and Paul Longo

Margaret Hague

Gara Eastman

Gary Capeheart

Suzy Pope

Stacy Newbury

Danielle Naldrett

Dawn Cammarano

Danielle Naldrett

Angelo & Mary Ucci 
Lucinda Murphy 
Lawrence Merrill 
Racheal Gordon 
Alan & Marie Dunham
Elizabeth & Micheal Coyne 
Betty Lee Minson
Eileen & Brendan Turner
G.E Capehart &SJ Pope
Noreen & Frank Colins
Paul Longe
Rev Bruce Young 
Gertrude Lichtman Robin & John Beckett 

Contributors With Gratitude

Fredrick E Parok 
Mary Walsh 
Lisa Pulaski 
Lorraine Rhoads
Margaret Hague
Christine Lemon
Eileen & Fred Bruning
Margaret Einarson
Bruce Tractors LLC
Gene & Laura Turner Sr 
Gary Eastman 
Hermon Tractors LLC 
Charles a Civiello Jr 
Daine Vargas
Constance Haines
Realty of Maine 
Fitzpak North Corporation
Bruce Young 
Stacey Losco 
Karen & Irvine Marsters 
Lisa Marie Cornell Pulaski 
Edith & Paul Longo 
Phillip Badger JR
Orville & Julie Hartford 
Micheal & Stacey Losco 
Tom & Lori Obey 
Bonnie Allen 
Crystal&Davy Cunningham

Meghan King

Carrie Peirce

Virginia Reid 

The Barbara Sosman Support Center

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The Barbara Sosman Support Center is located in Brewer, across from McDonald's on Wilson St. Drive down the Rudman Road to the Center(Between the Bowling Alley and D & S Motors).

510 Wilson St, Brewer, ME 04412

a non-clinical sanctuary for families and patients affected by cancer

The Sosman Center is a Maine nonprofit corporation, having received 501(c)(3) approval.

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